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The Medalist Club

The Medalist Club was founded in 1987 and is one of the largest gymnastics booster clubs in America. From inception, The Medalist Club has a long list of achievements:

  • First club to establish, fund and award postgraduate scholarships
  • The club has its own youth organization, Tide Tykes and Teens, to help promote the Crimson Tide Gymnastics Team through its younger fans
  • The Club has employed part-time college students to assist with marketing activities, event management, and day-to-day operations
  • The club has recently purchased a Swiss Wing for warm-up/cool down, recovery and injury prevention.  Additinal items purchased over the past few years include a video replay system for the practice facility that allows coaches and athletes the ability to instantaneously review the skill; a new sound system for the practice facility; and upgraded computers for the student-athletes' gymnastics study hall.

The Medalist Club proudly supports the University of Alabama Gymnastics’ student-athletes and support staff with postgraduate scholarships that allow them to continue their education towards a Master’s Degree from the University. This scholarship is one of Bama’s best recruiting tools, as it highlights the rich academic tradition and commitment of The Capstone and The Medalist Club to their student-athletes. Recent recipients include: Kim Jacob, Ashley Sledge, Morgan Dennis, Ashley O'Neal, Kassi Price, and Ricki Lebegern .


  • Membership levels adjusted in 2016 will remain the same.  The club now offers six levels which provide the most cost-effective benefits from which to choose.
  • We will once again have a special  reception/practice viewing for mid-December for members who join at the Silver level and above.
  • In addition to monthly practice reports our Gold, Platinum and Ruby members will receive email updates from Coach Duckworth throughout the fall & 2017 season regarding the team's progress.
  • Ruby Level members will also receive an invitation to be Coach Duckworth’s special guest at a practice (date/time to be determined).